Brief Bio

I am a luthier and furniture maker specializing in the repair and crafting of bowed string instruments as well as period-inspired custom-built furniture. I relish the opportunity to work on unique and difficult jobs; puzzling things out, researching old techniques, and developing novel techniques are my passion and particular gift. A mathematician by training, I revel in the details and minutiae of my projects and experiments, and I enjoy documenting them for the pleasure of others with similar inclinations.

I live and work in the Hudson Valley on the same dirt road where I grew up avidly exploring the neighboring fields and forests. Inspired by my intimate relationship with the natural world around me, I strive to incorporate local materials whenever possible in my creations. From locally-sourced wood which I helped mill to varnish pigments collected on a hike, I feel that making use of these materials ties my work both to the historical legacy of traditional American lutherie and to the future of sustainably-sourced materials.

One of the things that I love about working and living where I do is the broad range of opportunities that enter my workshop. My work has shown up at local school recitals as well as Carnegie Hall, and many points in between. I am equally comfortable working with bluegrass fiddlers and symphony violinists. An eclectic thinker by nature, this variety sustains and inspires my continual exploration and evolution.